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Liturgical Dance
January 24, 2011, 10:15 pm
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The thought of dancing in church is one of those things that generally gives me the heeby jeebies. Unless you have a gospel choir and a natural ability it is generally cringeworthy. Twirling ribbons should be completely banned.

But then I see my one year old daughter desperately trying to dance in church. And being frustrated with the music. Pip’s unaccompanied Advent Prose just didn’t have a groove about it in December.

She tried a boogie in the Creed yesterday and looked puzzled.

It was music. She knew it was music. But something just wasn’t right.

Even “I heard the voice of Jesus say” had a bit of promise but there was no satisfaction in the bopping.

Last night I participated in an “All age worship” service at the Cathedral in Edinburgh and raised an eyebrow at the choice of music. One hymn – “The King of Love my Shepherd is”.  Not really a kids classic. But the last time they tried a worship song, the pianist didn’t know it nor did those attending and it was not good. At least the adults would sing this.

But what do children want in terms of music? Actions? Dancing? Clapping? Drums and guitars? Easy words? Traditional hymns? What do we do with musicians who are stuck in a rut?

I feel a wee research project or training morning coming on… anybody else think it is worth a bit of time?


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Fischy Music, that’s what they need. I’m going to try a CD this coming Sunday at my first All Age service here. Bopping with actions – what more could you want?

Def work to be done. You go girl.

Comment by revruth

David Crowder!

Comment by agatha

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